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Regulatory Affairs Committee


The Regulatory Affairs Committee has the responsibility of monitoring the construction codes, environmental and other regulatory issues affecting housing. RAC reviews proposed changes to construction codes and other regulations. RAC serves as the liaison between the Association and state regulatory agencies and works closely with GAC to determine if code or other regulatory issues have a bearing on new or existing statues. Members are appointed to serve on task forces and committees when opportunities exist. Periodic updates are issued to keep the membership informed of any changes. The Committee meets at each regular Board meeting and at the call of the Chair when a need arises.

​The Committee is staffed by Austin Hackney and Cindy Morley

Current Regulatory Affairs Committee Roster

  • Gabe Chatham, Chairman
  • Bob Barnard
  • Heather Bounds
  • Neal Davis
  • Tony Donald
  • Mark Ivey
  • Mark Konter
  • Tara Mincey