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Associates Council Members

Chair: Derek Wirz
Vice Chair: Brett Mauldin (Area 5 Rep.)
Sammy Baker (Area 3 Rep.)
Wanda Bumgarner
Tracey Burdette
Bob Chapin
Linda Davis
Tony Donald
Mike Duncan
Phil Forest
Cindy Huber
Christy Kimbrough (Area 5 Co-Rep.)
Byron Loomis (Area 8 Rep.)
Jerry McGrath
Tara Mincey
Paula Mobley (Area 8 Co-Rep.)
Sheree Nadeau (Area 6 Rep.)
Amanda Roland
Betsy Sheppard
Chad Slaughter
Helen Stembridge (Area 1 Rep.)
Carol Stone (Area 7 Rep.)
Sharon Thompson
Jason Westbrook (Area 4 Rep.)
Lonnie Williams
Derek Wirz (Area 2 Rep.)



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